Enlarged Tonsils

Causes of Enlarged Tonsils

One of the most common manifestations of tonsillitis is enlarged tonsils. While many people naturally have larger tonsils, an inflammation or infection can cause swelling of the tissues. This in turn causes difficulty in swallowing, speaking, and even breathing. Snoring is also common when tonsils become enlarged.Enlarged tonsils In the case of infection, treatment with antibiotics is usually prescribed. Infections are often accompanied by fever and rash. See your doctor if you have sore throat and fever and/or a rash. These medications will not however cure tonsillitis caused by a virus. Viral tonsillitis can look and feel like bacterial infection, but normally only the symptoms are treated.

Pictures of Enlarged Tonsils

In either case, try gargling with salt water, drinking plenty of cold liquids and using a humidifier to keep the throat moist. Anti inflamatories are also commonly recommended for these type of inflammations associated with enlarged tonsils.enlarged tonsils picture People suffering from recurrent tonsil problems like sleep apnea, tonsils stones, and strep throat, may need to have their tonsils removed. Tonsillectomy is often indicated in cases where infection occurs more than 3 or 4 times per year. See your doctor or an ear nose and throat specialist if you are having continual problems with bad breath, sore throat, or recurrent tonsillitis.

If you do decide to undergo tonsillectomy surgery, check in with Tonsillectomy Recovery Resources for tips, advice and support. Or visit their facebook page at Tonsillectomy Resources (Be sure to log into your account first!)

Common Tonsil Problems:

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